Harriet Welch

projects manager


(writer & project manager) interested in:

circular economies & design, material & fabric, sustainability, new worlds, the body, clothing, illness, femininity, food, radical publishing, “wellness”, conversations, archives, craft, printed matter, private spaces, rest, care, interiors & exteriors.

Joy & Sorrow

A collection exploring localities and a return to London Fashion Week. Hosted in a disused once plastic bag factory, the Phoebe English studio for this collection brings new purpose to deadstock fabrics, explores plant dyes and a collaboration with heritage brand Lavenham.

Here: an alternative route

A collection exploring supply chains and natural dye by the Phoebe English Studio. Presented at the British Library as part of thier COP26 project. 

Chronic: on textures, illness, and the endless scroll

Chronic: on textures, illness, and the endless scroll’ is the culmination of developing ideas surrounding digital spaces, fluidity, meditations on aesthetics of social media, and the binaries of health and illness in the western world. ‘Chronic’ explores the capitalisation of ‘wellness’ and how we live under unescapable neoliberalism. The text draws on illness theory, writing surrounding health, and the conflation and confusion of the states of health and illness.

An Interview with Ken Hollings

An interview with artist and writer Ken Hollings. This interview is split into ten aphorisms reflecting Hollings’ approach to constellations of writing.